What style of decking requires the smallest amount of up keep?

Any structure that is outdoors is going to require some maintenance. The level of cost and involvement varies drastically however. Wood decking has to be treated at least every other year, as well as cleanings when necessary. Composite decking requires the least amount, only needing cleaned when it becomes dirty.

How much more expensive is composite decking than wood decking and why?

Composite decking is around twice the build price as wood decking. The cost of materials and much lower level of maintenance is the reasoning for this price gap. Labor expenses will vary on the projects size and complexity, not on which material is used.

Why would I choose wood decking instead of composite decking?

The build cost for wood decking is about half as much as that of composite decking. It makes financing the project upfront much easier. There is more maintenance required for a wood deck, but this only happens once a year at most. However, the main reason people choose wood decking over composite isn’t in its function. Many go with this option for its natural look. It also makes using a darker colored deck possible without looking tacky, which can make brighter colors on the house stand out more.

What is composite decking and why is it so popular?

This popular decking choice is recycled plastic and wood. It is easily customizable because it can have coloring to create a style you are wanting. Not only does it have a great appearance, but it requires very low maintenance. Since there is no need to have it recolored, sealed, or protected from rotting, the most you will need to have done is a cleaning 2-3 times a year, making it very convenient for those with busy schedules and cost efficient. Most importantly, it is a great way to help the environment without costing you quality or changing your everyday like in any way.

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